Sales Dashboard

A dashboard designed for a mobile phone,

offering fast and easy access to the information needed most. 

# Mobile FIrst #Animation

#Pivot Table #One User Story

Designed for Mobile First.

We designed this specifically for the users needs to use on the go.


Limited Options

Provide Faster Access. 

Navigation was narrowed down to

one user story granting fast and easy access to exactly what the user needs. 


It’s actually

a Pivot Table.

To view a pivot table on a phone is extremely uncomfortable, to say the least.


To overcome this we created a user interface that still takes the Data from a pivot table, but shows it in a much easier, user friendly way. 

The user is guided by the intuitive navigation in order to delve deeper into the Data, exposing more drills and filters. 

Animations Designed 

as Navigation Indicators.

A variety of animations were used

to guide the user experience,

such as - collapse/expand and galleries, taking into account the

limited screen space in mobile design.

Flying iPhone X Mockups.png

Product List.

Offering a list of products and their data, accompanied by images for easy visualization.

iPhoneMockupsDealjumbo 2.png