CEO Dashboard

An executive dashboard designed to give an overlook of the company status in real time.

# Responsive design #Dark mode 

#Multiple QVFs #Quick access to models

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Pop-ups for Easy Access

to Models.

Models with drill down options open as

pop ups on the main dashboard, offering quick use and easy navigation.


Multiple QVFs,

all in one.

Combining multiple QVF's into

a single unified dashboard.  


From QVFs

to Mashup

The CEO has a lot of Data to overlook, in many different aspects of the company. There was a real need for one "Dashboard of all Dashboards".


Not only that, but the obvious need of a responsive Dashboard

that can be viewed from anywhere - even from your phone.

To accomplish this we developed a unique interface that host multiple QVFs. This offers an overview of the whole Company

in realtime, displaying the most crucial objects and KPIs.


Dark Mode Design.

Our designs fit our client's personal needs and preferences.


Use it Anywhere.

Responsive design makes the dashboard

easily accessible - wherever you are,

whenever you need it. 

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